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  • Colorful inspiring memories of Okinawa @rogers1954 @rogersfoodmarket @yoshinotaira @anping_crystals @catherineandreofficial
  • Mon arbre
  • After 5 days working with Plaza House perfect staff, meeting my faithful customers,sharing pure happiness to be together again and music…it is time to leave cloudy and windy Okinawa.Mata ne.Domo aligato gozaimashita @rogers1954 @rycom_anthropology @rogersfoodmarket @balimoon_balimoon @catherineandreofficial
  • Last poetical dinner @thebusenaterrace @catherineandreofficial @rogers1954 #colorfulokinawa
  • Most precious special magic dinner @kei_magic_cooking #bestcheffs #fusioncuisinecatering thank you!!❤️🔥👏🔥👍🏻🔥🌺
  • My lovely fans @ao__illustration @munakatado @rogers1954 @catherineandreofficial
  • Okinawa trunk show day 2 @rogers1954 @catherineandreofficial
  • Anabi @chatanharborbrewery @catherineandreofficial
  • Morning walk in Chatan Okinawa @mbgallerychatan @catherineandreofficial @rogers1954
  • Waking up this morning for a walk🌺 @mbgallerychatan #uniquehotels #secretplaceshotels #artgallery
  • AW23 comeback trunkshow✨✨✨✨✨🌺 @catherineandreofficial andreofficial
  • Enfin de retour à Okinawa ! @catherineandreofficial
  • Last day wandering in Seoul @catherineandreofficial
  • Séoul day 2 green vibes @modeinfrance.korea @catherineandreofficial
  • Seoul day 1 @modeinfrance.korea @catherineandreofficial
  • Taipei day 2 @showroom_in_taipei @catherineandreofficial @catherineandrecolours
  • Taipei show day 1 @catherineandreofficial @catherineandrecolours
  • Back to the sky
  • Last night…food delights #tokyobestrestaurants #tokyoebisu
  • Tokyo day 2 @modeinfrance.japan @catherineandreofficial